Monday, January 19, 2009

Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is....

Yesterday my mom went to the big Antique and Collectables show this weekend in Long Beach and because she knows I like to collect cat figurines( long neck cats mainly) she told me about a booth there that was filled with nothing but Black cats. I was thinking of the black cat shoe polish. This brings me to todays collectable blog..ADVERTISING COLLECTABLES.

Companies have used billboards,magazines,newspapers,calendars and the greatest TV to hype their products through catchy slogans and musical jingles. My favorite was the eveready cat.
Can you name the mascots below and above?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whats in a Happy Meal?

Last night at a dinner party we got to reminiscing about Happy meal toys. I remember as a child getting happy meal toys and I would play with them for a couple of hours than it was just another piece of junk sitting at the bottom of the toy box never to be played with again. I must have passed this trait over to my son cause its the same thing. He is begging for that toy than during spring cleaning he has nothing but a toy box of happy meal toys.
Everyone would believe that McDonald's was the first to promote this great marketing ploy but it was really a local small regional fast food chain called Burger Chef. They introduced these little thin plastic hand puppets.
Oh and if toys weren't enough than came the Play gyms at McDonald's, The paper King Crowns at Burger king and the antennae balls from Jack in the box. Oh than for .99cents with the purchase of a meal you could get a cool glass or wacky straw.
So Cheers to the happy meal toys....... you will never really be worth anything but a fond childhood memory.

These were from Burger King

The Mac Tonight figurines from Mcdonalds

**all photos were taken from online toys dealers**

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's been awhile..Slideshows anyone?

Now that the Holidays are a thing of the past I can catch up on my blogging!
I have been seeing more and more people scouting out for old slides at yard sales, thrift stores and online. Some people just have a curiosity in reviewing the lives of people from other eras which actually can be quite fascinating.
Collectors are publishing books,and blogging, and even doing stage slide shows off of peoples abandoned family memories.

Charles Phoenix has made a HUGE following with his Hilarious comedy filled slide shows and also published some wonderful books which I own all of them all autographed by him.
My husband and I went to his Disneyland slide show and it was the best.
I strongly encourage for you all to checkout his site and his books.

Not only are they collected for viewing but check out the awesome art you can make too!

Charles Phoenix