Monday, January 5, 2009

It's been awhile..Slideshows anyone?

Now that the Holidays are a thing of the past I can catch up on my blogging!
I have been seeing more and more people scouting out for old slides at yard sales, thrift stores and online. Some people just have a curiosity in reviewing the lives of people from other eras which actually can be quite fascinating.
Collectors are publishing books,and blogging, and even doing stage slide shows off of peoples abandoned family memories.

Charles Phoenix has made a HUGE following with his Hilarious comedy filled slide shows and also published some wonderful books which I own all of them all autographed by him.
My husband and I went to his Disneyland slide show and it was the best.
I strongly encourage for you all to checkout his site and his books.

Not only are they collected for viewing but check out the awesome art you can make too!

Charles Phoenix

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