Monday, December 22, 2008

The beautiful world of Blythe

Now Blythe was before my time. Introduced in 1972 by Kenner for only one year.

What made this doll so cool?
Well besides the Oh so Groovy attire this doll had this string connected on the back and with a pull of the string her eyes would turn and look at different angles and would change color. It really was the only doll that can somewhat change expressions.

This doll is now being reproduced by other different brands. They make them custom now with wild hair styles and colors, tailored to your style of clothing, make-up and some even have piercings and tattoos. Oh and the accessories are unique as well.

They are quite expensive and extremely hard to find outside of the US. They are primarily being reproduced in Japan.

Anyways I would LOVE to start collecting these for myself..I just don't have the time and money for another addiction.

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