Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fisher Price Little People

Whom ever grew up from the 60's through the 90's all know Fisher Price Little People!

Not those cartoony fat human like little people. I'm talk'n those colorful simple tubular bodies with the little round heads and plastic hair.

Who thought these would become so popular for collectors...

FP little people bring me back to soo many memories. I think my favorite was the A-Frame house. The green looking weinerschnitzal house looking one with the bell.
I have been collecting these playsets for a few years now and I think I enjoy collecting so much because there are so many different playsets.

The most sought after fisher price playset is the Amusement Park.

*pictures were pulled from a toy dealers site*


Lubbert Das said...
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Lubbert Das said...


Any blog that starts playing Esquivel has my interest. ..

The Fisher Price post also helps.