Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Big Move...

I have moved only 3 times in my life. They all have never been to stressful. I moved when I was young and didn't have much. Well the time has come that I finally move into a house. My grandmother's old house. It is very familiar to me and I know it well but along with me just moving I am moving with a husband and two kids and mass amounts of furniture and other items.

Moving has always been somewhat easy for me cause I did not accumulate too much and it was very easy for me to let things go. Boy how it has changed for me now.

Over the past 10 years my husband and I have gathered lots of stuff..I won't say crap cause I really like the stuff we have collected. Right now we have 2 garage fulls of all kinds of collections and random boxes full of records,movies,vintage clothes, sports memorabilia, vintage knic knacs, old skateboard and surf stuff, Neon signs, framed posters, tons and tons of old toys, old barware,old ceramics amongst other things I have never even unpacked from our last move.

This is the biggest thing I dread about our new move is moving all the stuff in the garages.
I must be strong though and cut loose a lot of it. I mean I like to collect things but I don't want to become a hoarder.
Here are just one tiny small corner of what our garages look like
Behind those flags are boxes and boxes full of vintage toys and playsets. Behind the old beat up bar is full of old 50's and 60's bar ware, underneath all the helmets in the back are records and believe it or not there are 2 couches under that stuff. Oh and the big wooden box thing is actually a craps table and inside that craps table...yep MORE STUFF!
Wish me luck!


Thelma said...

The whole moving experiance is exciting but man I got to say packing and unpacking is terrible. Just don't get overwhelmed and take some time to get settled in your new place:)

Cassidy said...

packing and unpacking is definately the worse but i love moving ! i've moved so many times in my short lifespan of 15 years haha ..
embrace it , it's exciting and new ! the possibilities are endless ! you can reinvent yourself .

good luck ! <3