Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Lighten things up a bit

Well It has been awhile since I blogged in my collectors corner blog..I blog every day in my everyday life blog and I have been slipping on days there too.

Anyways Yesterday we had a earthquake here in lovely California which I just so happen to be lounging around on my couch when I felt a small rumble and looked over at my Swag Lamp that started swinging ..which brings me to one of my favorite items I collect...LAMPS.

I have a HUGE fascination with lamps. I find that Lamps can really set the tone to ones home decor..I guess since I have so many from all eras.. this is why a few have commented my home looking like a consignment shop which some may feel insulted by that remark but I LOVE consignment shops so I think it is kinda cool.

I really wish I could just cover my home with all the lamps but the irony there is I am more of a Dim lighted atmosphere type of person. I have several table lamps,paper lanterns, velvet swag lamps, TV lamps, even Neon beer lights (those stay in the garage).

My ultimate favorite lamp though is my extremely ginormous gaudy White goddess rain lamp!

I remember my grandmother having a rain lamp as a child and I would spend the night there and I would be soothed to sleep by the sounds of the oil pump of the lamp. I always ALWAYS wanted to touch the little oil beads that would cascade down the clear sturdy threads.
(I always find that the things I cherish most are from memories of my grandmothers house)

Here are some pretty cool lamp photos I found from Lamp dealers around the US.


Tikimama said...

Cool - I love retro lamps too! I'm a bit disappointed not to see YOUR lamp collection, though! I think that's funny that people say your place looks like a consignment shop! But I find those places to be interesting and oddly comforting, so I'd take it as a compliment, too!

Iris said...

yeah we always have a great conversation starter everytime someone comes into our home