Monday, April 27, 2009

A room with a View

So my son has show and tell at school and I always try and think of something cool and unusual to give him to take (which I am sure what is cool to me is probably lame to him).
I had him take the pez collection last month.
Anyway I was going through my closet and found a huge box of Viewmaster slides from the 50's and a couple of viewmasters. I was thinking what a cool item for him to take. I than got to thinking after looking at the selection of slides..would any of these kids even have any interest in the slides..for example let's see what do we have to show..
I am really wanting though to get all the old Disneyland ones (not in this selection)
Buck rogers
The lone ranger
King Kong----maybe cool------
The story of Easter
The Washington monument
Batman----------------this they may find cool
Rudolph the red-nose reindeer
The grand Canyon
Red Rock
Joshua Tree

I was thinking back to when I had a viewmaster the slides I had
The Hobbit
Dark Crystal
Land of the Lost
Just to name a few...

After going though through my dusty old shoebox of brown rust stained slides and old plastic smelling viewmaster with the much needed oil treatment on the clicker I thought these first graders would destroy these slides...maybe I better just let him pick something out....As long as it is not the nintendo DS!

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Amy said...

oh how cool! We use to think that viewmasters were so cool in the 70's. I had slides of batman.