Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where's my Mai Tai??

Yeah I ask myself that question every Friday when it is time to kick start the weekend and there is no better way to have a tropical libation than served in a Frightfully decorated Tiki mug!
I never got the desire to collect tiki mugs but I have to admit I do have a few. I can thank my mother for that one. See she works at a thrift store and she knows how I love old vintage pop culture knic knacks and she knows as well as everyone else under the sun.. loves tiki. What is there not to like about it. Just drinking out of one of those mugs is a tiny piece of tropical paradise.
Anyway she brings me home every once in awhile some vintage Polynesian items that get donated to her store. (She of course pays for them at a low low price). As a matter of fact one wall in my kitchen is dedicated to tiki culture. (thanks to my husband)
There are so many people out there collecting mugs now that more enthusiasts are even creating their own special tiki mugs and selling and trading them online. There is even a book about it.
I just love the creativity of each tiki mug you see out there. Some of them have so much detail and I love the old ones with the rhinestones embellishments on their eyes. ( I have a thing for Rhinestone eyes)
You know though what I like better than drinking out of a tiki mug??? How about one of those Big Coconut Shells that are carved like a monkey!! Now that's what I'm talking about!
This is a must have if you collect Polynesian stuff

I have this mug in my collection..But who doesn't?? Seriously this mug is in ever collection I see.


Tikimama said...

Well, I don't have it in MY collection! Humph! This must be corrected! Seriously, you are lucky to have a "tiki scout" out there finding treasures for you. I'm on my own around here, and have mostly new tiki mugs, nothing vintage and highly-sought after. But I still enjoy the look - must get that book!

Robert M. Lindsey said...

Tiki mugs are cool, but I don't think my wife would let them in the house.