Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where has the time gone??

Some happy clock photos

So my father (the true renaissance man) has discovered a New hobby to take up.
Let me take you back for a moment.
My dad is one of those people who always went from one extreme fanatical hobbyist to another.
The tiniest thing could set him off and all of a sudden he must spend every dime on books,supplies on that hobby for it to only last a few months until the next great thing comes along.
Let me is a list of hobbies that my dad has taken up throughout the years..

Playing musical instruments from Hammer Dulcimer to bongos from Electric Synthesizer to Mandolin to Several wind instruments to several guitars
Panning for gold and dredging
restoring his Willy's jeep
Restoring is VW Bus
boogie boarding
Model Rockets
Metal molding
sewing renaissance clothes
Leather tooling
Making oriental rugs
wood carving for sail boats
Really the list goes on and on but now they newest craze..vintage clock and watch repair and restoration ( cuckoo clocks primarily).
It all started when I bought my first cuckoo clock at a estate sale. I remember them as a small child because back in my German heritage on my dads side of the family they always had cuckoo clocks. My dad came to my house and took it off the wall and was looking at the mechanics of it all and he also started to reminisce about being a child and always being drawn to his grandmothers ornate cuckoo clocks hanging through out the house.
Than it began ..the buying of the books,the constant hours researching the clocks online, the hunting of old clocks at swap meets,thrift stores and eBay. Than the purchasing of vintage clock repair tools and clock restoration websites.
Now him being very into nautical themes he wants to start hand carving his own clocks. They would be like cuckoo clocks but with a nautical theme where a sailboat would sail on some waves with a old nautical song that would play.
My tiny clock collection is coming along. I have 3 cat clocks with moving eyes and tails in my bedroom. I can't wait to have my wall of clocks on display...something I am considering as I redecorate..

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