Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey there Doll Face

Ok now I may collect a LOT of things but one thing I have never really gotten into was collecting Dolls..until now.
I don't know why the sudden change of heart..maybe it is the fact that I am a mother now of a little girl, maybe it was the attraction I got browsing around the flea markets or maybe it was something in the deep dark forest of my subconscious mind that has finally broken free telling me how I have always really wanted to start a doll collection and now is the time to start doing it.
Now I don't want to collect any specific brand of doll..(well technically speaking..I am attracted basically to dolls of the 60's) . I have also been taking a liking to Barbies lately as well. I had a few that I have received as gifts but now find myself buying some here and there.
The last thing I want to do is spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on doll collecting (I say that now). I keep telling myself..oh I will start collecting them for Ava..I know I really want them for myself.
Than once I get the dolls , I will have to scout out the cool custom outfits and accessories that people make and sell on ebay or Etsy...I can see it already..my room covered in dolls..I like the eerie kind too with the big eyes...oh my poor husband.
So my Wish List for doll dolls
are Susie Sad Eyes, Blythe, Chrissy by Ideal, Scooba-Doo, and Keane.
Now I am starting up a pretty good Barbie collection too..Some were gifts and others I have bought to add to my collection (that I'm starting for AVA)..That will be another blog all on it's own
Here's some pictures of my doll Wish List that I did searching images online..



Susie Sad Eyes


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