Friday, June 19, 2009

The Werid, The Creepy and The Bizarre 1

Now you all know I LOVE Swap meets. I try and get out to the every weekend when I have no party to attend and when the cash is flowing. Last Sunday we went to the swap meet and looked around...My items I had an eye for that day..Barbies and other Miscellaneous dolls.

Anyway I came across this creepy looking clown doll in a pile of dolls at one booth...It totally reminded me of Poltergeist!! So I thought hmm In my collectors corner blog I am going to try and do a new feature of The weird, The Creepy And The Bizarre (a list of a creepy and down right weird items I find) hopefully a few times a month.

So Here is my first Creepy Find of many to come.....

Imagine finding this at the foot of your bed.muahahaahaha

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Maarten. said...

i hate clowns :D