Monday, June 8, 2009

The joy of treasure hunting

I have a Huge HUGE fascination about curiosity shops. Anytime I travel and see some strange little place that has eye catching Junk in front of it I immediately have to make an B-Line through the front doors..GET OUTTA MY WAY !!!

I kid you not I even have DREAMS of winding up in some strange antique store. It used to be a re occurring dream actually from when I was about 9 years old. It was strange.

Anyway, everyday on my drive home from work there is this strange little shop and in front it always has some tiki's, old furniture, old nautical ship stuff and other miscellaneous crap depending on what day you drive by littered on the sidewalks. I never been there before but have always wanted to check it out.

I always find one really creepy looking item when I stop at these stores too. Sometimes I just stare at them and think to myself WHO THE HELL Would Buy That??

I remember this old antique shop in my neighborhood it was in just your average neighborhood and someone converted their house into an antique shop and lived in the guest house behind the house/Antique shop and in the window of this place were these two dolls of Old folks and they had this leather looking shriveled skin that was really tanned and had this big smiles with these teeth that looked REAL..blahh it was like a train wreck too that I just could not look away from everytime I walked by that place.

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