Friday, February 13, 2009

C is for Cookie..that's good enough for me

It's been awhile I know..but getting back on track now I would like to discuss another fond memory in Childhood

Now I been caught doing a lot of things as a child such as ripping small holes in wrapped xmas presents under the tree and looking in the closet for unwrapped birthday presents and drinking milk from the carton but NEVER have I been caught with my hand In the cookie jar.

Every household I been too has usually had some sort of "theme" going on whether it be Pillsbury or Strawberries or Roosters..the list is endless but where there is a themed will find it proudest piece ..a themed cookie jar.

Cookies jars can be rather valuable. I have seen some go on auction and end in Thousands of dollars. There are SO many different cookie jars out there and that is what makes them a wonderful thing to collect.

People are so Fanatical about their collections they build websites that revolve around their collections. ( a picture I found online of someones personal collection above)

When I try and think back to the cookie jars I had as a child I think one was a animal of some sort..maybe a teddy bear, than we had a beehive one, than a Garfield one.. than for some reason I guess cause I was no longer a child than became a old green Tin container that read FLOUR..

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aww the kitty!!! I love it :)