Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why you little!!!!!!

That's what I say in my head everytime I step on one of those little green plastic army men which I just did about twenty minutes ago. Which brings me to todays blog...Marx Playsets.

I really wish my husband was here right now cause this is big thing he collects. My closets and garages are FILLED with dusty old tattered boxes of army playsets, cowboys and Indians and lord knows what else he has got hiding in a matter of fact one day I am gonna take pictures of the garages and just blog about the kooky stuff in there.

My husband mainly collects the WWll playsets. He said what triggered his desire for these
playsets is when he was a child he wanted one so bad ...I believe it was the Normandy one...and his neighbor had one and he would go there all the time to play with it.
He found the playset on ebay and than just got into the addiction of collecting more and more. So many of these old playsets would be incomplete so than the new addiction was trying to make a complete set by hunting online and soon it became going to the toy soldier conventions and trading and selling with other aficionados and subscribing to playset magazines and going to message boards. I would wake up at like 3am for a drink of water and notice my husband in the computer room on ebay searching for Marx playset stuff.

Louis Marx was an American toy maker and was the largest toy maker in the 1950's. He sold his company to Quaker Oats in 1972....Every once in a while though my husband will find some cheapy unknown toy company who had made some reproductions from actual Marx toy molds.

It is UN BE LIEVABLE how much his playsets fetch with toy collectors. Almost one day a week I will find a playset assembled in my living room. My son plays with them so often that my house almost every corner you look in or surface we have has a army man or tank on it.

I did however HAD to get one playset for myself.....The Disneyland Playset. I think there are a couple minor missing pieces such as a Disney character and a car...but I am sure my husband will find it for me at 4am in the morning one of these nights.

Here are some pictures of some playsets...
We have these..

The Disneyland Playset

I think we have this one

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