Thursday, February 19, 2009

A greeting to remember

I was very surprised the day before Valentine's day to find a Will you be my Valentine card in my mailbox from a very dear friend. In today's world of Ecards and texted greetings it is a rare treat to find a mailed greeting delivered to your home.

Which brings the subject to toady's blog...Cards.

Ever since I was first born every Single Holiday I would get a card mailed to me and it was always signed with the date and year with big xoxo Grandma. I would get so excited and really did depend on those holiday cards to come to my house...I think they finally stopped at about 13 years old.

I kept every card! Well really my mom saved every card. It is pretty nice to go and look back at them. They bring back a lot of memories for me and you can see each year the card change with the times.

In my pile of cards I came across a few of those old tall cards you would find at the liquor stores. from the 1970's. At my local liquor store now you see tucked away a dusty rack with yellow tinted cards that look like they were there still since 1970.

Paper items (ephemera) are quite collectible because they are so easily disposable and destroyed. This is more towards certificates and paper decorations though that hold value.
I started saving cards for my children starting from my baby showers. I hope they appreciate them as much as I appreciated my mom saving my cards.

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