Monday, February 23, 2009

Come and Get it!!!!


Someones collection pictured on Flicker

It's Chow time..Today's Blog...Lunch Boxes!!

When I was younger the more fortunate children had lunch boxes..I came from a lower income Hippie family and most of the time my lunches came in a old brown bag. The contents a poor child like me would get in this old brown bag (which was a recycled old brown paper bag from the liquor store most likely). The contents..One bologna sandwich on Wheat bread ( and I am talking the darkest,dry est, wheat bread with the nuts and oats on top (no fun mind you for a 5 year old) a bruised banana or an orange, some fig newtons ( if I was lucky) and 15.cents for a carton of milk from the cafeteria window or water from the fountain was always good enough for me.

Ok ok maybe I exaggerated a little ( the wheat bread is no joke though and neither is the brown bag, nor the fig newtons). But I was lucky enough to have at least one pink plastic strawberry shortcake.. I believe it was.. lunchbox at one time. ( hey it was the 80's all the cool tins ones were replaced by thick plastic ones)

I was always so envious of everyones lunch pails and it really did tell alot about that individual child. They always had the most awesome lunches in them too. A peanut butter and Jelly sandwich on WONDER Bread with a snack pack or ding dong, and pieces of fruit like a Peach or Grapes and a nice thermos with some kool aid or fresh squeezed lemonade ((very few times would see a can of cola included)).

I can't believe the craze on collecting all started off basically by one guy who collected them and wrote a book about what he thought over all his years collecting what they were worth. I guess when you been collecting something for a long time and really done your research on it and it does not have a book can really determine what you believe the value on it would be.

My son..he get lunch money for the cafeteria.


The Legendary Tiger Hero said...

That's so cool!

Robert M. Lindsey said...

I have a friend who has a small collection of lunch boxes. Some people have bought him some new ones, and he just laments that they don't it, the fun of finding old ones and the quality and style is different.