Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Even in Paradise it snows..

***snow globes***From a collectors image
A few years back at a flea market I came across the coolest old school Vegas snow globe ever. I was so tempted to buy it but I thought do I really need to start collecting any more items..and let alone it be snow globes where my walls would be covered..hmm I think not but I have to admit after looking at some collections they are pretty cool.
Snow globes or other known as water globes were first seen in Paris in the 1800's. They were basically a glorified Paperweight and became quite popular. They were made of glass and in the 50's they started being made in plastic as well. Every gift shop in every state began selling them and in the 50's back when taking family road trips were the norm it started becoming a must do thing to have a globe from every state you drove through..or spoons or bells for that matter.
There is something pretty magical about snow globes...gazing through them and whisking yourself off back to your much missed vacation. The kiddos love to shake them up too.
After awhile though the water will begin to evaporate and if kept in the window sill or where any active sunlight shines through the image will begin to fade. This is more common to happen with the novelty plastic globes.
I wish I had a globe now of my house where I can gaze into it and whisk myself away from work....

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