Monday, October 27, 2008

Avon calling..

When my grandmother passed one of her most beloved collections she left behind was the collection of Avon perfume bottles. I remember as a kid all her collections. She would sell Avon I believe just for the discount on those kooky perfume bottles. I remember she collected this men's cologne set that each bottle on a monthly basis was a new Chess piece. She ended up getting a complete set.
There were also funny shaped bottles shaped like old cars,animals,monuments,instruments,bells,poodles,cats,busts and soo soo much more.

I remember they were even in their original boxes they came in. I thought WOW these must be worth alot...ummm Nope.

Avon had a great marketing ploy making the perfume bottles into themes and characters. A lot of women during this time all thought they were going to be collectible and worth something but because of the Mass production and all the ladies who decided to collect them they are still so easy to get and really don't have any value..

They are still fun to have..however after a few years they all smell the same now.
I think my grandmother must have had every single bottle...I ended up selling these at a yard sale but a few I kept for myself and I think my uncles and father all have some for memory sake of my grandmother.

someones collection of a few bottles

the cheaper Avon bottles

The infamous chess set

I have a white poodle bottle like this..It is taller with a cute pink bow

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