Thursday, October 23, 2008

Those oh so colorful Cocktail Swizzle Sticks

From time to time I like to go out and enjoy a nice bar with friends. Sometimes I am in the mood for a dive bar, sometimes a wine bar and sometimes just a good ol lounge.
Some popular drinks of choice are Vodka redbull,cool Pear martini or a cucumber gimlet.

I have seen some cool garnishes of cucumbers,raspberries,blue cheese stuffed olives,melon balls, flowers the list can go on forever.

Cocktail cultures have Collided since the 1940's.
Back than Brandy Alexanders, Bees Knees and the Bronx cocktails have graced those linen covered booth tables. They had a simple garnishes but had one very special touch to them...Those OOHH So Colorful Swizzle Sticks.

A lot of these were used to help advertise either the venue or a beverage supplier to the bar. They soon became widely popular in Mid-Century Cocktail culture.
Just about every well established lounge decorated their cocktails with these swizzles.
If you were well traveled and wine and dined alot you probably came across a lot of different varieties and that can attract a collector.

You don't see them too much nowadays but there are some venues who still hold on to old traditions where you may find one.

**These are a great way to flirt at the bar too** Nothing like playing with a swizzle as you batt your eyelashes to that gentleman across the bar.

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