Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spaghetti Poodles and friends

When I reflect back on my childhood I think of visits to Grandma's house and going with Grandma to visits of her gal pals and I can always guarantee to see a smiling little family of spaghetti poodles or a little lady with her Sunday hat and ruffled dress.

I remember the cute faces with adoring long eyelashes and some times holding a whimsical instrument of some sort, delicately trimmed with gold paint.

If you are wondering what is a spaghetti poodle let me go into a little detail..Just a little now..

In the 1950's porcelain and ceramic figurines were widely produced all over the country. A very special and unique embellishment was added. It was a fur molding from the porcelain or ceramic that was textured and looked like Spaghetti.
This really brought out the poodle look. They were using this method also for dress trims on figurines and hair, embellishments on other animals and other misc. characters.

I find that the Kreiss & Co spaghetti figurines are the most expensive.

I have a few spaghetti poodles lying around my house.
I sold most of them on eBay.

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