Saturday, October 25, 2008


When my grandmother passed away months and months afterwards my uncles finally decided to clean out the garage and back patio that contained boxes and boxes full of her craft supplies and tons of items she collected.

I must have inherited the collectors itch from her cause I came across one of many of her collections.

I opened a box and found tons and tons of old salt and pepper shakers.

There were all kinds..there were fruit and vegetable characters,animals,instruments,and other miscellaneous items. They were from all years and made of all different materials.

There were Bakelite,porcelain,metal,rubber,plastic,ceramic,glass and etc...

I have a couple I kept for myself but most of them I sold. I have a vintage 50's siamese kitty pair and I kept a few other kitty cat pair. ( I like cats and collect them but thats another day)

Salt and pepper shakers still are widely collected.

These are great to collect cause there are so many different possibilities and creations you can come up with as far as themes go.
Here are a few pictures I found online.

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