Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Introduction to the Collectors Corner

I thought I would create this blog for those like me who love vintage knic knacs. My husband and I share many collections and if we had the room we would collect more and more. I (if god willingly) am going to post a new item each day of something to be collected. After going to school to become an appraiser I could not even imagine some of the things that people collect. Anyways, I thought my first item of collection today would be something I collect myself I probably have about 150 pez dispensers of all sorts. I got into collecting them hoping that my son would want to collect them himself. My first pez I got was just a good ol DonaldDuck pez. My favorite is probably my merry melody indian with the whistle attached to the back. note: My son never did take on the interest of collecting pez. They are all now just in a big box in my closet starting a collection of their own...DUST !!


Pez was first made in 1927 and was named after phefferminz, a german word for peppermint. It was a mint made for smokers and the dispenser took on the image of a cigarrette lighter. In 1952 the first fruit flavored pez came out with a new kooky character head to attract the younger consumers. Pez is still going on strong to this day. You can tell the older pez by the stems. Early pez made before 1987 had no feet. *fun fact* Ebay was originally created to be a online trading site for Pez

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LorynM said...

This is rad, Iris! Can't wait to read more.